The laser welding beam

The laser beam is easy to focus, align, and guided by the optical instrument. First, it can be placed at an appropriate distance from the workpiece and re-guided between the tools or obstacles around the workpiece. Other welding methods cannot be used due to the above space constraints. Second, the workpiece can be placed in a closed space (with vacuum or internal gas environment under control).The laser beam can be focused on a small area and welded to small and closely spaced parts. The range of solderable materials is large, and various dissimilar materials can be bonded to each other. In addition, it is also easy to automate high-speed welding and can be digitally or computer-controlled.



What kind of application usually use laser welding

Laser welding is becoming more and more common in our life and there are increasely number of industries using the laser welding. Such as automobile, battery, consumer electronics,sensor, hardware, optical communication, solar collector, plastic, etc.