Joining quality of stranded wire is desired to be improved

Challenge: Welding quality of stranded wires is desired to be improved, and loosening of wires is desired to be eliminated.

Basic Configuration of Pulse Heat Unit (Hot Bar Bonder) and Role of Each Part

The object to be joined is held down and the electric current is flown while the pressure is being applied, and heat is generated by resistance heating.

Quality control for Spot Welding

Spot Welding is a fusion welding process with heat generation at the joint by the resistance of the work to the flow of electricity. Force is applied before, during, and after the application of current and melting occurs at the faying surfaces during welding.

Basic Configuration of Resistance Welder and Role of Each Part

Resistance welder sandwiches an object to be welded by the welding electrodes, andapplies electric current while applying pressure.