Our Heater and Welding Machine

Introduce 5 of our Heater and Welding Machine brands to you.

1. Chuo Seisakusho

Chuo Seisakusho, listed on the second section of the Nagoya Stock Exchange, manufactures power supplies, surface finishing equipment, electric resistance welding machines, electro-chemical deburring machines, and environmental equipment that are required in various industries.

The company develops, designs, and manufactures original and creative products to meet customer needs.

Chuo Seisakusho has been manufacturing power supplies and exploring the power electronics area for 70 years. Chuo Seisakusho was established in 1936 to produce Bertolo rectifiers (transformer-rectifier assembly). A number of rectifiers have been applied to plating, and we are accordingly manufacturing plating equipment to meet customer needs. Related electric welding machines have been also developed. Our mechanical technologies, developed through experience to meet customer needs, have become our core strength. Chuo Seisakusho has been advancing research and development of chemical products in order to get a step ahead in the electrolytic plating field. Seventy-five percent of our products are customer-made. Chuo Seisakusho provides customers with solutions by flexibly combining our traditional power electronics technologies, mechanical technologies, and chemical technologies.


2. Spotron

Specialized in design, development, production and sales of barcode reader, welding camera for arc welding and measuring equipments (Force gauge, Current meter, Condition monitor, etc.) for spot welding.


3. Avio

Incorporated as merged company of NEC Corporation and Hughes Aircraft Company under the trade name of Nippon Aviotronics Co., Ltd. 2018 Changed the trade name of NEC San-ei Instruments, Ltd. to NEC Avio Infrared Technologies Co., Ltd. and infrared business of Nippon Avionics Co., Ltd. was transferred to NEC Avio Infrared Technologies Co., Ltd.

Development, design and sales of data processing systems, Manufacture and sales of electric equipment such as data processing equipment, aviation equipment, communication equipment, image processing equipment, manufacturing equipment, medical equipment, electric measuring equipment, etc., Manufacture and sales of electronic devices and hybrids IC’s etc., Production and sales of software related to data processing systems and electronic computers. Design, superintendence and contract of electric power, implementation and electric telecommunication implementation. Manufacture and sales of various equipment and parts related to and/or associated with those referred to in the preceding paragraphs.


4. Yajima giken

Yajima Giken, Inc. was split off from Yajima Kogyo, Inc in September 1986. Since then, we have been satisfying the needs of our customers as a specialist in the field of automatic labor saving equipment. Thanks to the support by our customers, our customers have favored “Yajima method nut feeders” for thirty years from its launch from customers in Japan and all over the world. We would like to express our deep gratitude to our customers, who have always supported and given advice to us.

We, Yajima Giken, Inc. have the head office in Nagoya and have a base for the western Japan in Okayama. Thus, we are expanding our business all over Japan in the fields of various made-to-order assemblies or welding related automatic or labor saving equipment as well as products according to our specification such as nut feeder.

We are paying more and more attention to overseas customers too. We can provide seamless services from consulting until proposal, quotation, production, shipping, installation, adjustment and maintenance.

From now on, we would like to call upon a great amount of expertise to the development of new products or technologies in automatic supply equipment for small parts. At the same time, we will try to expand our automatic or labor saving equipment business in quality and quantity and expand overseas business in order to a flexible engineering company which can contribute to customers.
Each of our staff will try to provide services to our customers both in hardware and software. Therefore, we hope we get more and more encouragement from our customers.


5. Edogawa metals

Our company has been in existence for about 70 years and has established its reputation as the manufacture specialized in producing the precipitation hardening type conductor alloys, as the result of putting our energies into various developments and improvements of the products with both of better conductivity as well as durability.

Our company has made every effort in giving effect to our customers’ request for the shape reduction in prices of conductor materials with high quality and succeeded in providing with new products and new materials.

Our company is the only manufacturer specialized of the special copper alloys for conductor material, which has the through from melting to finishing. We are with the thought of trying hard in improvements in the level of our technical know-how in order to meet our customers’ requirements.