What’s Laser Brazing

Using the filler metal with a lower melting point than the base metal, heating the filler metal to a melting point higher than filler metal but lower than
the melting temperature of the base metal. Then the liquid filler metal fills the gaps.






The advantages of laser brazing
There are many advantages of laser brazing like reducing the pure laser welding defects, such as air hole, cracks, product gap is too large, and Improving the weld strength to obtain more perfect weld. Laser brazing refers to the base material does not melt, (the workpiece is not melting), only the filler metal melt, the deformation of laser brazing is small, the joint is smooth and beautiful, which suitable for welding the precision, complex and composed of different materials components. It is less affected by heat and has high compressive strength.





What kind of application usually use laser brazing?

Laser brazing mainly used in auto exchangers, hydraulic pipes, and other auto accessories products. Materials can be applied to stainless steel, aluminum alloy,  galvanized sheet, manganese steel, etc.


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