Welding Current/Volt Meter SP-3510

  • Displaying Current/Voltage/Weld time/Waveform on LCD (3.5inch, 240x320dots)
  • Easy operation and setting by Touch Panel.
  • Saving measured data and waveform into SD card and data output by USB connector is possible.
  • Covering weld time max.3minutes for the continuous seam weld.
  • Wider current range 1.00kA ~ 499kA consists of 3ranges (HIGH/MIDDLE/LOW


Model SP-3510 is welding current/volt meter for all kinds of resistance welding, such as Single phase AC, Inverter, Condenser type, etc.. Current detection is supported by high performance toroidal coil made by Spotron. 4 patterns of measurement data are displayed on touch panel LCD; [Standard(per weld)] [Divisional(per cycle)][Wave form] [Graph data].
The unit automatically saves the measured data except waveform into main CPU. In addition, it is possible to save all the data into SD card and/or output from USB connection. External printer with thermal paper is available as an optional equipment.

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