DC Inverter Type – NRW-IN400P

  • Selectable frequency (2k, 4k, 5kHz)
  • 127 steps (Slope, weld, cool) parameter setting
  • Variation of weld stop: Less than 1ms
  • Enhanced dust-proof structure (Dust, oil mist)
  • Remote control by program box
  • Multiple power source 3-phase AC200V to 480V
  • Ethernet Connection


Easy to use High-Performance Welding Power Supply

This product is a High-reliability inverter type resistance welding power supply which realizes high definition control. Free inverter frequency selection type and 127 steps freestyle welding profile which realize high-reliability welding in variety welding scenes. By Program Box that remote control is possible, it will improve more freedom in terms of arrangement of welding power supply in an automated system. Automation machine type welding power supply which equipped high dustproof.


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