CO2 Laser Marker

  • Compact, stable and energy saving
  • High C/P, easy installation and operation
  • Professional and powerful marking control capability
  • Distinct and artistic marking effect
  • Applicable Materials:
    – Wood, paper, leather, cloth, glasses, foam, ceramics, gasket, acrylic, epoxy, polyester resin, coating materials and many other materials.
  • Application Industrials
    – Suitable for all kinds of high precision marking and engraving


 Model   ILC-20   ILC-30
  Specification Laser power   20W   30W
Wavelength   10.64μm
Standard Marking Area   110*110mm
Optional Marking Area   70*70mm, 160*160mm, 200*200mm
Maximum Marking Speed   ≤7000mm/s
Minimum Line Width   0.2mm
Minimum letter   English: 0.5 x 0.5mm
Marking Depth   < 2mm
Location precision   ≤0.0176mm
Resetting positioning accuracy   0.02
Electrical interface   support pedal switch ,I/O ,rotary-axis port
Precision correction of galvanometer, provide precision grid calibration file
High precision digital scan head 10mm spot(with working status indicator light)
  Working environment needs Electrical requirements Ac 220V±10%.50HZ.5Amp OR , Ac 110V±10%.50HZ.10Amp
Unit Power <750 w
Operational temp range 5-40℃
Operational humidity range 5%-76%, Non-condensing
  Physical dimension Laser head 700*171*150mm
Chassis 410*282*193mm
Weight 26kg
  Standard accessories Cable length between laser head and chassis 1.7m
Laser goggles, pedal switch, U disk
  Optional accessories Light lifter workbench dimension:670*175*175mm,lifting range:105~555mm
Light lifter desktop dimension:760*750*520mm,lifting range:105~555mm
Rotation axis: holding range for internal jaws:2-22mm(inside),25-70mm(outside),external jaws:22-63mm(inside),Concentricity:<0.05mm
Protective cover: The maximum angle is turned on, Meet the needs of non-smoking workplaces in shopping malls and offices
Smoke purify machine: Low noise, high efficiency, conducive to clean and beautiful work space, easy to move


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