UV Laser Welder

UW-100-455 The model is a low-power blue laser specially developed for laser soldering. Thanks to the high absorption rate of copper and gold in the blue region, it can quickly heat the pad. Especially suitable for laser soldering of copper and gold pads.


  • Copper and gold pads have high blue laser absorption rate
  • The energy utilization rate is high, the heating of the pad can be completed with less energy.
  • Avoid laser reflection causing device burns near the pad
  • Reduce the production of tin beads


Model UW100-455
Laser wavelength 455nm
bandwidth ~10nm
Output Power 100W
Power adjustment 10-100W
Fiber optic interface D80 adaptation
Fiber core diameter 400/600um
Optical fiber numerical aperture 0.22NA
BPP ≤44/66mm-mrad
Fiber length 5/10m
Fiber bending radius 200mm
Power stability (8 hours) <±2% at full power
Aiming and positioning Blu-ray positioning
power input AC220V±10%,50/60Hz
Machine power consumption <1500W
Way of working continuous
Cooling capacity requirements 1kW
cooling method Water Cooling
Dimensions 777L*483W*183H
weight 40kg


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