Thickness Tester TH-11


  • Applicable to the thickness of almost alloy metallic coating:
    copper, nickel, chrome, zinc, tin, silver, gold, copper-zinc alloy and tin-lead alloy, further, cadmium, electroless nickel(Ni-P), tin-zinc alloy, lead and iron using an optional suitable electrolyte.
  • Readily measurement with displayed messages.
  • Any error quickly displayed as a message.
  • Messages available in either English or Japanese, please request when your order.
  • Connectable to the personal computer to store, search, print, edit measured data and create any report in real-time.
    Up to 50 data stored and searched on the tester alone.
  • Automatically setting the gasket calibration data, calculating alloy change conversion and de-electrolytic operation.
  • This tester measurement conformed to JIS H8501 and ISO 2177.
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