High RPM Tip Dresser (DC) ISD-500NH

Responding satisfactorily to the needs of diverse workplaces and manufacturers is far from easy,but the desire to do so,and the patience to struggle through trial and error,give rise to new ideas.The Ai-esu Dresser embodies a number of entirely new ideas,and performs with far greater precision and speed a welder tip grinding operation that is indespensable to the automobile production process. Accompanying the Ai-esu Dresser is a systematic line of accessories that allows adaptation to any and all workplace environment.

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High-Speed DC Motors
  • New compact and lightweight motors are more powerful than ever, with instant polishing for improved productivity and work uniformity.
Top quality and safety
  • With the Ai-esu dresser you can enjoy improved quality management, work uniformity through automation and safety.
Superior Operability
  • Small, lightweight design means a minimal installation footprint that will fit anywhere, and at an affordable price.
Full Line of Options
  • All products in the ISD-500N series come with equalizing and a terminal box, plus a range of options including mounting stand, rotation sensor, chip stopper, air blow, controller and tip judgment.

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